How do I know that you are not a scam.?

At Puppies Villa, we do not ask for trust, we earn it through transparency and action. So, instead of taking our word for what it's like to work with us, we encourage you to read reviews from real customers. Every one of our customers receives a survey and we proudly post every single review we receive on our website, in chronological order (no funny business like only posting the best reviews), so prospective customers can review thorough feedback from some of the nearly 150,000 others who have already experienced the magic of the Puppies Villa process. view all reviews

How can I help Puppies Villa fight scams.?

As a company of true dog lovers, it's heartbreaking to hear stories of scammers taking advantage of a family's search for a new four-legged family member and we work hard to educate the public about how to avoid puppy scams. To help us in that fight, if you or someone you know has been victim of a pet scam, please Send us a massage through our Email

What's the difference between you and a pet store.?

There is almost no similarity between Puppies Villa and a pet store. Pet stores typically sell thousands of products for animals of all kinds. Our mission is simple and clear – to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. While there are countless differences between Puppies Villa and other pet store, we will highlight a few of them here.

  • Direct to You: Because of our commitment to the humane treatment of all dogs, when you find a puppy at Puppies Villa Home, it comes directly from an experienced breeder (literally, thanks to FortunePups's travel program, your puppy will arrive in your home the same day it leaves its breeder). As a result, your puppy will spend its entire life before it arrives in your home with its breeder and parents. On the other hand, by the time a puppy makes it to a pet store, that puppy may have made several stops, over several weeks, before it even arrived in the store.
  • Transparent Access to Puppies: Depending upon where you live, you may not be able to find a purebred or purpose-bred designer puppy at a pet store. In an effort to combat the inhumane treatment of animals, many states actually prohibit pet stores from selling puppies. And, even if you do happen to live in a state that has not yet enacted a pet store ban, it can be nearly impossible for you to independently verify whether a pet store puppy came from a responsible breeder. At Puppies Villa, we are committed to transparency, and you will not only have peace of mind knowing our expert compliance team has screened, vetted and qualified your breeder, but will know everything you want to know about your puppy, including its breeder, its parents and its health history.
  • Proprietary Screening of Breeders: Another major difference is our proprietary screening process. At Puppies Villa, we carefully screen all of our breeders before we invite them to join our network and, to stay in our network, breeders need to continue to meet our evolving standards.
  • Health Screening & Guarantee: In addition to our compliance efforts, our extensive health protocols are the industry's best, culminating with a requirement that your puppy pass our proprietary nose-to-tail health exam, administered by a licensed veterinarian, before we will allow your puppy to travel. And, after your puppy arrives home, not only do we provide our exclusive health guarantee, but we are here to support you throughout your puppy journey. We really mean it when we tell you our relationship with you begins, it does not end, when you find your puppy on Puppies Villa.

Will I be able to visit my puppy or speak to the breeder before my puppy comes home.?

While finding a puppy used to be a local exercise where you were limited to the breeds and breeders near you regardless of their quality or experience, Puppies Villa has changed all of that. We were specifically designed to connect you with the perfect puppy for you, no matter where in the country you or the breeder live. As a result, in most cases, the first time you meet your new best friend is when he or she arrives in your home. That said, our transparent process is specifically designed to eliminate all the scary unknowns that often accompany looking for a new puppy, whether you are looking online or offline. From the start of the process when we screen, vet and qualify every breeder in our network, to our unmatched health and vaccination protocols, we do everything to ensure you receive a healthy puppy from a responsible source. And, we back all of that with an industry-leading health guarantee.

Although you will not visit your new family member before he or she travels to you, our team of puppy experts is committed to providing you with all the information you need and want. Not only do you rely upon our expertise to find the best breeders in the nation and get to see pictures and videos of your puppy and its parents, but you can also connect with your breeder anytime. Whenever you want, you have the option to speak directly to your breeder, accompanied by one of our puppy experts, to ask any questions, learn more about your puppy and address any concerns you may have.

Why use Puppies Villa rather than adopt from a shelter.?

Reputable shelters are a great option for some, but they are not for everyone. If finding a purebred or purpose-bred designer puppy or knowing your new family member's health and behavioral history are important to you, Puppies Villa is likely the better choice for you as that information is not often available to you at a shelter. That being said, we are not anti-shelter in any way but, instead, pro-dog. As dog lovers, what is important to us is that people are able to make educated choices and find their dogs from a responsible, humane source, whether that source is a shelter, a rescue or a breeder. And, while there are many wonderful shelters and rescues out there, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Unlike responsible breeders, rescues and shelters are not typically licensed or regulated by the government and often operate without government oversight.

Also, while adopting from a shelter is a viable alternative for some people, for tens of millions of American dog lovers, adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue is simply not feasible for health reasons (e.g., disabilities, PTSD, allergies). There are also many dog lovers for whom knowing the behavioral and health histories of their puppies is important, whether that's because they have small children, need a service dog or otherwise want a specific breed with specific characteristics. There are countless other reasons a family may have decided a purebred or designer breed is the best fit for their family and, without documentation about a dog and its family history, it can be impossible to tell whether you are getting what you think you are.

Finally, among the many myths out there about shelter adoption is the one about overpopulation of dogs in shelters in the United States. The simple fact is that even if every single adoptable shelter dog were adopted, those dogs would not come close to satisfying the country's annual demand for companion dogs. In fact, scientific data by Mississippi State University and the Pet Leadership Council show not only a significant gap, but a growing one between the supply of and demand for puppies. In fact, with all of the work we do on the front-end to ensure the health of our puppies and screen our customers, as well as unique programs like our internal rehoming program, we believe we are making a real impact upon limiting the number of dogs surrendered at shelters.